Ever wondered what a Saltwater Crocodile eats for dinner?

Let Derek and Karen Ingham take you on a fascinating tour of the lifestyles of Australian reptiles. An exciting idea for your next function…

Birthday parties, Corporate events, Schools, Exhibitions, Day care centres, Fetes/carnivals, Aged care facilities, Agricultural shows, Shopping Centres Community events, Respite care, Family Reunions

Croc Stars provide the audience with a 1 hour hands-on experience along with photo opportunities with the reptiles. Our sound system ensures an exceptional experience for an audience of almost any size. Croc Stars are fully licensed and insured.

We exhibit lizards, turtles, crocodiles and snakes including an educational, entertaining, humorous talk about each animal, how we can protect them, have them as pets, general husbandry and how to obtain a licence from National Parks & Wildlife

Whatever the occasion, give your guests an exciting and original Aussie experience to suit all ages. A guaranteed, unbeatable service tailored to meet all your requirements. Get up close to crocodiles, pythons, turtles and lizards – fascinate and educate your guests with a real-life reptile adventure today!

Would you like to be able to recognising non-venomous reptiles in and around your home?
Would you like the opportunity to meet some and maybe even touch them?
Would you like a reptile as a pet and don't know where to start?

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